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Before receiving significant financial support from owner Árpád Pászkány in 2002, 29 cfr 1926.62 pdf club had spent most of its existence in the lower divisions. Portuguese, but also African, South American and more recently European.

Kolozsvári Vasutas Sport Club team in 1911. From 1907 to 1910, the team played in the municipal championship. However, the club did not have any notable achievements during this time. In 1911, the team won the newly organized Championship of Transylvania. Between 1920 and 1934 the club did not have any notable achievements.

In that same year, the club’s junior team won the national championship. Three years later, the team’s name was reversed yet again to CFR Cluj. 0 lead at half-time, but CFR came back with a fine header. During the summer of 1969, CFR Cluj advanced to Divizia A under the leadership of coach Dr. The next few games did not go as well. These and other defeats were a factor in the team’s downhill slide.

During his tenure, CFR did not do well, and Rădulescu was swiftly brought back. Even so, CFR Cluj found itself again at the bottom of the table before the winter break. The spring of 1971 was somewhat better, although CFR struggled again to avoid relegation. UTA Arad, however, managed to overturn the match after scoring twice.

CFR’s demise after the first round of the championship — the team finished at the bottom, with seven points. CFR’s return was dramatic, although inconsistent at times. By the end of the season, however, CFR was again struggling to stay in Divizia A. In the second half, two late goals from Ionescu and Petrescu saved the team from relegation.