Abdominal x ray pdf

Medical X-Ray imaging ALP02 nevit. Abdominal x-ray will demonstrate most cases of bowel obstruction, by showing dilated bowel abdominal x ray pdf. Computed tomography provides an overall better surgical strategy planning, and possibly less unnecessary laparotomies. Abdominal x-ray is therefore not recommended for adults with acute abdominal pain presenting in the emergency department.

Constipation in a young child as seen by KUB X-ray. The KUB projection does not necessarily include the diaphragm. If the patient is large, more than one film loaded in the Bucky in a “landscape” direction may be used for each projection. This is done to ensure that the majority of bowel can be reviewed. A KUB is a plain frontal supine radiograph of the abdomen. CT urography is the technique of choice. The KUB is often used to diagnose constipation as stool can be seen readily.