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Other instruments similar to the flageolet. Century, less music has survived than might be hoped. For this reason, an important project for this site apache sheet music pdf to upload as much out-of-copyright music, for flageolets, as possible.

If you have any, please do contact me as I would be delighted to digitalise any scans of music offered. I assume also composed them. As with many virtuosic pieces from the same period, the themes appear to be a mixture of popular and original tunes, followed by increasingly fast and difficult solo elaborations. This edition is prepared from printed set of parts for the first serenade.

Whilst the title page and music is not entirely clear, it seems likely that the violin part is intended as an alternative to the piano since there are passages where it either redundantly duplicates the piano or diverges slightly from it. The music has only been lightly edited to correct obvious mistakes and to copy across articulations that are present in one part but not another. The flageolet part in the original is transposed and so I have also provided a second part in C to allow the piece to be played on the piccolo or other instruments. With the set of parts I bought, I found a single sheet which contained an additional sheet which reprinted the flageolet part for the third and fourth variations for the first serenade and the second to fifth serenades, ended half-way through the second variation for the fifth. The purpose of this additional part is not clear to me: whilst it reprints the music for the third and fourth variations of the first serenade, it does not do identically. It omits a few bars towards the end of each variation where the accompanying instruments have the tune and the articulation is more detailed than in the full part. It is possible that it was meant for playing unaccompanied but some of the variations played without the accompaniment would not make very satisfying music.