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She later assists Lelouch at destroying other Geass users misusing their powers, including her former students, and supports the regime changes that follow. 2006 with the premier of the franchise. She wears a variety of outfits, which change depending on the time and situation. Britannian Empire had used to restrain her for tests prior to the series.

It has gloves and white undergarments. She has worn Lelouch’s own clothes, including his Zero outfit, to serve as a decoy and save him from situations. She has spiritual powers, and academic Dani Cavallaro refers to C. The Geass power originally allowed her to make anyone around her love her, before leading to her being immortal and immune to both age and conventional injury. When she uses her power, a sigil glows on her body. When left alone, she sometimes appears to talk to herself and have discussions with those who aren’t there. In the Picture Dramas, during a discussion with Kallen, she states that she has the ability to do almost anything but chooses to let others do it.

Calm and collected, she is strongwilled and pays little mind to inconveniencing others, and at times is with-holding of information. With a dry sense of humor, she has a nihilistic outlook on the world. Geass, she was a ten-year-old orphaned slave. She claims to have entered into magical Geass contracts with hundreds of people over her lifetime, in futile attempts to lose her immortality. Geass Order, a secret organization that studies and produces Geass users.

Shinjuku wiped out, and during the violence, C. Lelouch the power of Geass, and he attempts to help her escape the soldiers. Since she is shot in the incident and appears dead, he leaves her body behind. In episode five, she unexpectedly appears again in Lelouch’s home. Afterwards she keeps an eye on Lelouch’s missions as his rebel alter-ego Zero, even wearing his clothes and impersonating him when a situation becomes life-threatening. Her unofficial position leads to some friction with other members. Lelouch to save his sister.

After kissing Lelouch, she drags herself and the enemy to the ocean floor. Lelouch’s memories from the Emperor of Britannia. After he is rescued, she again becomes his advisor. After the location of the Geass Directorate is located, Lelouch orders C. Since Lelouch is not ready to accept it, she intends to offer it to his father, the Emperor Charles. Lelouch attempts to stop her and save her, and in doing so, her memories of everything after the day she acquired her Geass are lost, reverting her to a frightened slave girl. Believing himself to be responsible, Lelouch confines C.

Later the spirit of Lelouche’s mother, Marianne, possesses a body and locates C. When Lelouch kills Charles and Marianne before the connection can be completed, C. A month later, she helps Lelouche seize the throne as the new Emperor of Britannia. Near the end of the series, C. Lelouch bond and comfort one another, before being interrupted when Lelouch is attacked by his former Black Knights allies.

Later, as Lelouch plans to execute the captured Black Knights, C. Lelouch in a church during his planned assassination. She reminisces about how Lelouch proved the Geass does not bring loneliness, and expresses her feelings for him. In March 2017, the media wrote that Kate Higgins would be reprising her role as the voice of C. Sunrise on June 27, 2017.

This spin-off series sees the reveal that C. In Chapter 13, it is revealed that in this timeline, C. 2009 with a different plot, C. She offers Renya a contract so he can use the Geass to protect his friends. Rai’s room, and later offers for Rai to join the Black Knights, with player response leading to different outcomes. The Day a New Demon Was Born”. The Girl in the Straitjacket.