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Paged media differ from continuous media in that the content of the document is split into one or more discrete pages. Paged media includes paper, transparencies, pages that are displayed on computer screens, etc. The CSS2 standard introduces some basic pagination control features that let authors help the browser figure out how to best print their documents. The CSS2 page model specifies how a document is formatted within a rectangular area — the page box — that has a finite width and height. CSS2 features that define a particular page layout. CSS2 features that control the pagination of a document. The page area includes the boxes laid out on that page.

The edges of the page area act as the initial containing block for layout that occurs between page breaks. It surrounds the page area. You can specify the dimensions, orientation, margins, etc. The dimensions of the page box are set with the ‘size’ property. The dimensions of the page area are the dimensions of the page box minus the margin area. By default, no marks are printed. The page box will be set to the size and orientation of the target sheet.

The page box is the same size as the target, and the longer sides are horizontal. The page box is the same size as the target, and the shorter sides are horizontal. Length values for the ‘size’ property create an absolute page box. If only one length value is specified, it sets both the width and height of the page box. Percentage values are not allowed for the ‘size’ property. In the following example, the outer edges of the page box will align with the target. The percentage value on the ‘margin’ property is relative to the target size so if the target sheet dimensions are 21.

The following example sets the width of the page box to be 8. 5 inches and the height to be 11 inches. The page box in this example requires a target sheet size of 8. Once you create a named page layout, you can use it in your document by adding the page property to a style that is later applied to an element in your document.