Difference between dfs and bfs in artificial intelligence pdf

Computer Science Department, University of Pune. Admissions to MTech Programme is through GATE Score and Advertisement. Exam and satisfying difference between dfs and bfs in artificial intelligence pdf eligibility criteria.

The MSc degree prepares the student for higher studies in Computer Science. Qualifying Exam and satisfying the eligibility criteria. JRF qualification, valid in July of year of entrance exam. Candidates qualifying GATE in Computer Science: please note that our M. A medical certificate from a registered physician. Attested copy of caste certicate. Attested photocopy of caste certificate issued by Govt.

Special syntax for lists, comprehension. List programs in an algebraic vein. A direct way for denoting functions. FP translates into Imp P. Imp P it is done explicitly. Advantages and disadvantages of operational thinking.

C can be easily demonstrated. There are two views of computer architecture. However there is also an open, research oriented side to it. Computer or computing assistant in the traditional sense of the word, i. Ideal memory: fast, inexpensive, unbounded size. Interconnecting peripherals with memory and processor.

The following is too vast for a course. Godel’s theorem Alternative Logics eg. Graph Theory with Applications, Bondy, J. Notes on Introductory Combinatorics, Polya, G. Graph, Networks and Algorithms, Swamy, M. Next we proceed to work on these derived models.