Digital storage oscilloscope theory pdf

Please forward digital storage oscilloscope theory pdf error screen to 69. Below you see the specifications of the instruments.

If you are familiar with oscilloscopes you will see that the DPScope has pretty much all the features you’d expect from a decent lower-end instrument. On the next page I’ll discuss a few of the key specifications. Enclosure: Sturdy ABS plastic enclosure with custom glass-fiber front- and back-panel, silkscreen. First, it is a two-channel instrument. This is a very important feature.

It also prevents you from triggering on a signal different from the one you want to look at. Second, the bandwidth – the DPScope has about 1. That’s very useful to record slow-varying signals, e. But now let’s dive into the design, and start with some pictures! Below is a block diagram of the oscilloscope. All this is necessary to make optimum use of the fixed voltage range that the analog-to-digital converters can convert into digital information.

The sample logic controls the sampling process and the storage of the converted data in the capture memory. The trigger circuitry decides when to start the sample process. The controller takes care of setting signal gains and offset, setting up the sample logic, selecting trigger source, trigger level, and trigger polarity, and communicating the the PC. This makes the design very compact, inexpensive, and easy to build.