Doctor faustus questions and answers pdf

Epica tells Part 1 while The Black Halo tells Part 2. Goethe’s Faust doctor faustus questions and answers pdf also broken into two parts.

Ariel is a curious, determined, and arrogant man. An unparalleled genius and an accomplished scientist and philosopher, he has become disappointed with the inability of these disciplines to answer his deepest questions, and seeks to uncover the universal truth that they have failed to provide. He strongly believes that discovering such transcendent knowledge is the only thing that can make his life worthwhile. Ariel’s quest for this truth led him to make a binding deal with Mephisto, under which Mephisto would supply him with worldly power and knowledge.

In exchange, if Ariel ever experiences a moment in which he is so content that he wishes to linger there forever, his soul will belong to Mephisto. After a reunion with Helena, Ariel left her to continue his quest, driving her to commit suicide. Ariel is based on the character Heinrich Faust from Goethe’s Faust. Helena grew up with Ariel, and loves him deeply.