Egypt greece and rome freeman pdf

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Their father would ensure that his children were not condemned to a life of slavery. City-States built a large part of their wealth on slaves acquired through conquest. 1700 BCE, also makes distinctions between the freeborn, freed and slave. Anatolia include laws regulating the institution of slavery. Hittite civilization — from which it can be concluded that at least some of the slaves kept by the Hittites possessed a realistic chance of escaping and regaining their freedom, possibly by finding refuge with other kingdoms or ethnic groups. Other ways people could become slaves was by inheriting the status from their parents. One could also become a slave on account of his inability to pay his debts.

Slavery was the direct result of poverty. People also sold themselves into slavery because they were poor peasants and needed food and shelter. The lives of slaves were normally better than that of peasants. Slaves only attempted escape when their treatment was unusually harsh. For many, being a slave in Egypt made them better off than a freeman elsewhere. Young slaves could not be put to hard work, and had to be brought up by the mistress of the household.