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Regardless of how nicotine enters your bloodstream, this free version of FFN-TJH is your emotional freedom book pdf to freedom. Cover of Freedom from Nicotine – The Journey Home.

Ask yourself, what sense does it make to fear a temporary journey of re-adjustment which transports us to entire days where we never once think about wanting to inhale or jaw nicotine? Sadly, years of wanting, urges and craves conditioned us to fear what is good and wonderful. Imagine no longer being afraid to stop smoking, vaping, chewing or using other nicotine products. Instead of fighting your healing, imagine embracing, savoring and welcoming it! PDF e-book or as individual PDF chapters.

Images appearing in each format are different. The most recent content is found in the HTML webpages below. These HTML pages will serve as the source and template for future published and PDF versions. Trust your natural instincts and common sense. It’s natural to feel that the key to freedom is ending use of nicotine, not weeks or months spent toying with new forms of delivery. And logic tells you that it’s impossible for your brain to adjust to functioning without nicotine while it continues to arrive.

48 times more ex-smokers credited their success to cold turkey than to nicotine gum. Read FFN-TJH and experience the magic of becoming more dependency recovery savvy than nicotine’s influence upon your brain. Knowledge is a Quitting Method! PDF, Kindle and paperback versions. I’d hoped to complete the print book’s revision by year’s end to mirror HTML page content but it’ll be at least a few more months. Also, images used in different formats of FFN-TJH vary substantially due to both new images being incorporated from time to time, and the format’s specific image size requirements.

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