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Flag of the People’s Republic of China. 955 million out of China’s then-population of 1. Xinjiang who are en 292 1 pdf considered Uyghurs. Below are lists of ethnic groups in China by linguistic classification.

Ethnicities not on the official PRC list of 56 ethnic groups are italicized. For the Tibetan, it includes both transliteration and a transcription into the Manchu alphabet. For the Chagatai, it includes a line of transcription into the Manchu alphabet. Many modern forms of spoken Chinese languages have their own distinct writing system using Chinese characters that contain colloquial variants. Mongolian, Tibetan, Uyghur, and Zhuang along the bottom. Chinese banknotes contain several scripts in addition to Chinese script. 2005, “by the end of 2003, 22 ethnic minorities in China used 28 written languages.