Ergonomics and aesthetics pdf

Unsourced material may be challenged and ergonomics and aesthetics pdf. It is managed by the ISO Technical Committee 159. As part of this change, ISO is renumbering some parts of the standard so that it can cover more topics, e. For example, two zeros in the number indicate that the document under consideration is a generic or basic standard.

Fundamental aspects are regulated in standards ending with one zero. A standard with three digits other than zero in the number regulate specific aspects. Part 1 is a general introduction to the rest of the standard. Part 2 addresses task design for working with computer systems. 9 deal with physical characteristics of computer equipment. With its introduction in 2008, it revised ISO 13407, Human-centred design for interactive systems.

Class 0 panels are completely defect-free, including no full pixel or sub-pixel defects. As of 2010, most premium branded panel manufacturers specify their products as Class 0, expecting a small number of returns due to early failure where a particular item fails to meet Class 0 but would meet Class 1. Class 1 even when they have a Class 0 specified panel inside. Some premium branded finished product manufacturers have started to specify their products as Class 0 or offer a Class 0 guarantee for an additional premium. General Introduction This part introduces the multi-part standard ISO 9241 for the ergonomic requirements for the use of visual display terminals for office tasks and explains some of the basic underlying principles. It provides some guidance on how to use the standard and describes how conformance to parts of ISO 9241 should be reported. Guidance on task requirements This part deals with the design of tasks and jobs involving work with visual display terminals.