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Then this site is for you! How to Use Excel 2007. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that is part of Microsoft Office. Excel 2007 has an interface that looks different from previous versions and takes some time to get used to. Whether you are new to Microsoft Excel 2007 or Excel spreadsheets in general, start by creating a simple spreadsheet and looking over the various menu options to learn how to use Excel 2007. Become familiar with general Microsoft Office 2007 features. Learn how to save and open files, use the help features, print and do other common Office tasks before learning more about how to use Excel 2007.

Click on a cell with the left mouse button. Enter desired text or numbers into the cell. Click another cell or press enter to finish. Make cells wider or longer as necessary. Click on a line between columns or rows and hold the left mouse key down until the pointer becomes an arrow. Drag to make columns or rows larger. To make all columns or rows larger, click on the top left hand square, which will highlight all the cells.

Adjust the width or length in one column or row to make changes to the whole spreadsheet. Learn to “drag select” to apply changes to a group of cells. Left click on the first cell in the spreadsheet. Hold down the mouse button and move to the last cell in the spreadsheet.

All the cells will be highlighted, allowing you to make changes to all at the same time. Format the appearance of cells. Left click the top cell. Drag select all the cells in the spreadsheet. Click the Home tab at the top of the screen and select “Cell Styles.

Choose a cell color and font color from the options. Change the font style and size for the whole selection. Click the drop down arrow next to the default font. Repeat for the font size. Choose one of the options in the “Alignment” section to center or align the cell data. Choose “Wrap Text” to make all data fit in a cell and automatically change its size.