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They allowed me to try out different things, to discover myself as a writer. Jenny, a large woman who comes to stay with him. On one of their many journeys in his rowing boat on the Thames, however, Jenny and first love last rites pdf baby Alice drown and die.

The significance seems all the more heavy because of this, Kiernan Ryan believing it to in fact suggest a “matricidal fantasy. We get the impression that the narrator wants to lose the shameful tag of virginity above everything else, and is desperate to assert his masculinity on something, anything. On one of his walks into his town’s decaying underbelly, he meets a young girl and walks with her. On arrival at a deserted dry canal, he demands that she touch his penis, and after this sordid encounter, drowns her. Again morality is completely detached and the reader is made to squirm at the lack of remorse or even feeling shown.

Ryan sees the diary as a ‘symbol of patriarchal heritage,” and it is fitting that it should provide the means for the protagonist to dispose of his wife once and for all. He reads a section in which his great-grandfather sees a scientist contort his body in a way that makes him disappear inside himself, and applies this to his wife. The narrator is torn between knowing how wrong his mother’s actions were “I could hardly move without her, and she loved it, the bitch” and still yearning for them “I don’t want to be free. It is an account of some acting couples who simulate sex, only to be interrupted by a couple who are having sex for real. Sissel, who enjoy a long summer of love making.

As well as acknowledging the immense gratification he gains from satisfying his most base instincts “sperms inches from my cock’s end the unstoppable chemistry of a creature growing out of dark red slime” the narrator details the temptation he and his lover have of wallowing in animalistic decadence. This is personified by a giant pregnant rat whose presence is felt more and more, until it bursts out from its den and attacks. The narrator bludgeons it to death and realises the significance of it when he sees “a translucent purple bag, and inside five pale crouching shapes” i. Again a female has been killed and the reader must determine the relevance themselves. Henry, taken under the wing of his eccentric aunt, who puts Henry in elaborate costumes for their evening meals. Things turn strange when Henry is faced with a costume consisting of a girl’s wig and frock. The ending is far from conclusive and we do not learn what becomes Henry.

It has been suggested by any critics that as well as adolescence, the stories revolve around the difficulty of becoming a ‘man,’ whatever society deems a man to be. John Fletcher explained, “Such writing would be merely sensational if it were not, like Kafka’s, pointed, so accurate, so incapable indeed of being appalled. Butterflies” has been adapted twice for cinema. This page was last edited on 13 September 2017, at 18:12. You’ve reached a retired site page. PBS no longer has the rights to distribute the content that had been provided on this page. Find program websites, online videos and more for your favorite PBS shows.