Flowers in the attic book download pdf

Unsourced material may be flowers in the attic book download pdf and removed. The novel is written in the first-person, from the point of view of Cathy Dollanganger. The book was extremely popular, selling over forty million copies world-wide. Corrine and their four children are left deep in debt.

Corrine explains to the children that she has been estranged from her parents because of something she did when she was 18. She then adds that their true family name is Foxworth, not Dollanganger. Upon arrival Corrine’s mother, Olivia, sneaks the family into a small bedroom that connects to the attic and insists the children must be hidden from their grandfather. Olivia treats the children with disdain and threatens to severely punish them for any disobedience. Corrine meets with her father, and when she returns to the children, she has been savagely whipped by Olivia, who then tells the children that their parents were half-uncle and niece. Corrine confirms this and explains her plan to win back her father’s love so she can introduce the children to him.