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Java 8 includes features for productivity, ease of use, improved polyglot programming, security and improved performance. Welcome to the latest iteration of the largest, open, standards-based, community-driven platform. May 6th and 14th, 2014 – Get the latest information about Java from the experts: Java Embedded, Java SE 8 and Java EE 7. Learn about Lambda expressions and more!

Gain a solid understanding of generics in Java SE 8. From embedded to the cloud, get there with Java 8. The benefits of type annotations and example use cases. Tired of Null Pointer Exceptions? Make your code more readable and protect it against null pointer exceptions.

Get familiar with lambdas and the Stream API through a simple game. Get to know lambda expressions in Java 8. Learn how to use lambda expressions to your advantage. Java Chief Language Architect Brian Goetz takes on the question of why lambda expressions took so long to implement and how lambdas will impact developers.

Under certain circumstances Java is very similar to SQL! Combine advanced operations of the Stream API to express rich data processing queries. Use stream operations to express sophisticated data processing queries. What can Compact Profiles do for your application? Compact Profiles have a smaller storage footprint to enable many Java applications to run on resource-constrained devices. Java SE Embedded 8 vs. Java SE Embedded 8 is a new release of Java SE technology that for the first time has the feature of Compact Profiles.

There are 3 new Compact Profiles that represent 3 new smaller Java SE Runtimes which are compatible subsets of the full Java SE 8 API specification. The first Compact Profile, compact1, is the basis for a Java ME CDC converged product with Java SE Embedded. This article helps the legacy Java ME CDC developer migrate their CDC apps to Java SE Embedded 8. Why do we need a new date and time library? Top features of Java ME 8. Use your Java skills to create end-to-end applications that span card readers on embedded devices to back-end systems.

Jump into programming the next big thing using embedded Java. This article gives an introduction to Java Mission Control and how you can use it to monitor, manage, profile and diagnose your applications when running on the Java SE Embedded 8 small device platforms. In this video, learn how to get started migrating your application to JDK 8. Don’t see something that should be on this page? Java SE 8 is perhaps the largest change to Java in its history, led by its flagship feature—lambda expressions. 15 0 0 0 .