Jinx by meg cabot free pdf

Mia Thermopolis is an average urban ninth grader. Mia’s father comes to town and drops a major bomb: he’s not just a European politician as he’jinx by meg cabot free pdf always led her to believe, but actually the prince of a small country. And Mia, his only heir, is now considered the crown princess of Genovia.

She doesn’t even know how to begin to cope: “I am so NOT a princess. You never saw anyone who looked less like a princess than I do. I mean, I have really bad hair and a really big mouth and no breasts and feet that look like skis. After this they don’t talk for a while and become distant from each other. Mia goes to her Grandmère’s Plaza Hotel room in order to begin princess training, where she starts to develop into a great princess. Throughout the story Mia also makes another friend named Tina, who is shunned because of her overprotective father, who makes her have a bodyguard.