Ksb pumps catalogue pdf

Amamix – Submersible mixer1 Environmentally friendly The oil chamber ksb pumps catalogue pdf filled with ecologically acceptable white oil. 2 Powerful yet economical Propeller generates maximum thrust at minimum power consumption. Amaprop – Submersible Mixer 1 Absolutely break-proof Propeller blades made of glass fibre reinforced epoxy resin with metal hub insert and protective gel coating.

Up to 160 bar Up to 55. Disposal of sludges and solids-laden fluids More information: www. High operating reliabilityeven under tough operating conditions, due togenerously sized motor, thermal overload protectionby temperature switch integrated in the winding,and encapsulated, watertight motor design. Analog output for transmitting the actual value, motorspeed, etc. 2950 mirr1Selection Chart 50 HzU.