Make your own electric guitar by melvyn hiscock pdf

3-way pickup selector switch, tone capacitors that form a passive low-pass filter, the output jack and connections between those components. The top right shows a modification that allows both pickups to have their volumes adjusted independently when make your own electric guitar by melvyn hiscock pdf selector switch is in the middle position: the two bottom connections are simply swapped on each volume potentiometer. Underside of a 1981 Fender Lead I pickguard, showing the wiring.

The following section describes the most common components found inside an electric guitar. Most often they function as tone and volume controls, but can also blend two pickups together, attenuate one coil of a humbucker, and so on. 25 kΩ pots are usually used with active electronics. Reverse audio pots are sometimes used for volume controls on left-hand guitars, but this is not widespread due to the relative rarity of such pots. The switch is electrically independent from the pot and can be used for a number of functions.