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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The artist is drawing on a transparent easel, onto which the movie projector minnie the moocher sheet music pdf the right is beaming an image of a single movie frame. Although this device was eventually replaced by computers, the process is still referred to as rotoscoping. The metal plates were photographed after they were engraved and then edited into sequence.

To achieve this, effects technicians traced a line over each frame with the prop, then enlarged each line and added the glow. Fleischer Process” on the early screen credits, and was essentially exclusive to Fleischer for several years. Originally conceived as a “short-cut” to animating, the rotoscope process proved to be time consuming due the precise and laborious nature required in tracing. Rotoscoping is achieved by two methods, rear projection and front surface projection. In either case, the results can have slight deviations from the true line due to the separation of the projected image and the surface used for tracing.

Misinterpretations of the forms cause the line to wiggle, and the roto tracings must be reworked over an animation disc, using the tracings as a guide where consistency and solidity are important. In these examples, the Roto tracing were used as a guide for timing and positioning while the cartoon characters of different proportions were drawn to conform to those positions. 1940s, where realistic movement was achieved on a level unmatched by conventional cartoon animation. By 1934, Fleischer’s patent expired, and other producers could use rotoscoping freely. What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown?