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The incident happened at the campus’s Cole Hall at approximately 3:05 p. After the incident, the university administration cancelled classes for the rest of the week as well as the following week. Entrance to Cole Hall, morning after the shootings. He opened the auditorium door with such extreme force that many witnesses described him as “kicking the door in”, entering at the extreme southwest corner, near the stage in front of the classroom, and began firing at the students. He next shot at the instructor, who was standing on the east side of the stage.

The instructor tried to run out the exit at the southeast corner, but that door was locked. The instructor then ran out through the main exit at the east end of the classroom, through which the students were trying to leave. Some students who were not able to immediately escape hid under or in between the seats. When Kazmierczak paused to reload after firing three rounds, some students shouted “He’s reloading” and began to escape. Others continued to hide or were too shocked to react. After shooting all six shotgun rounds, Kazmierczak fired on the room’s remaining occupants with the 9mm Glock pistol, firing a total of approximately 50 rounds.

He was reported to have walked up and down the west aisle and directly in front of or on the stage, firing at people as he went. He shot and killed himself before police reached the room. The police recovered 55 un-expended rounds of ammunition from the scene, including two fully loaded magazines containing rounds for a . 48 shell casings and 6 shotgun shells. He was a former NIU Sociology graduate student. NIU Police Chief Donald Grady described him as “an outstanding student” who reportedly had stopped taking psychiatric medication recently and become “somewhat erratic”. Seven seconds later, NIU police officers were notified by the dispatcher.

NIU police officers Ayala and Zimberoff responded and told dispatchers that they were in the area. Driving northbound on Normal Road near Swen Parson Hall, they encountered students running east from the Martin Luther King Commons area. One student shouted, “He’s shooting over there”, pointing west towards the MLK Commons area. Officer Hodder was also driving in the area and encountered the same frenzy. The officers proceeded in their vehicles, then on foot, joining Chief Grady, Lieutenant Mitchell, and Lieutenant Henert, who had reached the west side of the Commons area after coming directly from the Police Station. Also racing to Cole Hall from the Police Station were Sergeant Ellington and Officer Wright. Sergeant Holland was on patrol just south of the area along Lincoln Highway when he heard the call come in, and approached the area.