Oracle 12c new features for administrators pdf

Gazprom speeds up month end reporting and improves financial control with GL Wand. Existing customers can download the latest release. Existing customers can browse the release history and download a specific version or access the user guide for that version. Download the latest oracle 12c new features for administrators pdf and begin a free trial.

Excel4apps Wands for Oracle version 5. We have completed the development of the Excel4apps Wands for Oracle version 5. Many User interface improvements makes it easier to create, edit and automatically email or share reports. Please see the release notes for other improvements and important changes.

9 is now ready for download and features our Shared Templates Drive, which allows for the central storage and management of report templates. We’ve added a new drilldown feature, Journal Extract, which lets users query journals based on various journal fields. Budget comparison drilldown is back by popular demand. We’ve also improved Calculation performance and added an option to control whether Budget Wand load formulas are retained in a snapshot rather than being replaced by values as well as many other fixes and improvements. Please see the release notes for full details. We are pleased to announce that the Excel4apps Wands for Oracle version 5. This release includes a number of updates, enhancements and bug fixes for the existing applications.

The new release also includes the ability to report on multiple ledgers and ledger sets as well as a scheduling capability inside Excel using RDM workbooks. We are also announcing the availability of Reports Wand version 5 which is included in the 5. We have drafted an upgrade recommendation document in order to assist you with making a decision around upgrading to this release. Please read it carefully to decide the best strategy for your organization. This version includes a number of fixes as well as a new launch process.

The changes to the launch page leverage new features available in later versions of Java which provide the required stability around the launch and exit process. If you are running an older 5. 0 as soon as possible. We have recently launched an update to the Excel4apps Wands for Oracle to address some issues that were discovered with the initial 5.