Purina mills chicken coop pdf

Chickens are known for their intelligence, and are very affectionate. Some people are afraid that roosters will become aggressive, but this problem can easily be avoided if purina mills chicken coop pdf rooster is handled properly.

Some may only ban roosters due to the crowing. City ordinances, zoning regulations or health boards may determine whether chickens may be kept. A general requirement is that the birds be confined to the owner’s property, not allowed to roam freely. There may be restrictions on the size of the property or how far from human dwellings a coop may be located, etc. Hens continue to lay eggs in the absence of a rooster, but like most supermarket eggs, they are unfertilized. However, animal shelters that accept chickens often complain that during the weeks and months following Easter, there is a rise in unwanted and neglected birds that were bought as Easter “gifts”, especially for children.

The so-called “urban hen movement” harks back to the days when chicken keeping was much more common, and involves the keeping of small groups of hens in areas where they may not be expected, such as closely populated cities and suburban areas. Supporters of the charity adopt the birds as family pets, with the intention of providing them a “retirement”. Distinctive American varieties of chickens have been developed from these Asian breeds. Poultry fanciers began keeping these ornamental birds for exhibition, a practice that continues today. Individuals in rural communities commonly keep chickens for both ornamental and practical value. Only licensed farms are legally allowed to keep chickens and other poultry.