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Get Reliance Infrastructure latest Balance Sheet, Financial Statements and Reliance Infrastructure detailed profit and loss accounts. Please verify your Email ID and Reliance balance sheet 2015 16 pdf Number today.

To access moneycontrol, point your mobile phone browser to m. Get Reliance Communications latest Balance Sheet, Financial Statements and Reliance Communications detailed profit and loss accounts. What exactly is ‘red teaming’, and how can this be implemented in a way that is useful for climate science and for policy makers? Can a Red Team Exorcise the Climate Debate? On the contrary, both climate scientists and advocates should see opportunity in a red team exercise.

A properly-done red team exercise could both elevate the status of climate science in the Trump administration and among Republicans, and reset how we approach climate science as a nation. Many climate skeptics suspect that the climate science community is caught up in political conformity that leans toward alarmism, and that alternative ideas about the causes and risks of climate change cannot break through peer review. Red teaming is designed to address such a situation. Whether climate science is caught in such a morass or not, many people in power think that it is. We have to find a way to unstick that belief if the climate debate is to move forward.

A red team exercise is a fine way to do it. The strongest red team exercises have buy-in from all parties and give the red team resources to perform original analysis along a set of critical questions. Lastly, they give the red team sufficient independence to come to original and creative conclusions. There are many pitfalls in  establishing and conducting a successful and useful red team exercise. To avoid these pitfalls, the relevant policy makers, potential scientist participants, and journalists should have an open discussion on the objectives and guidelines. And not to mention actually learn something from experts on red teaming. I haven’t read it yet, but I just purchased it.