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20 or Rio Earth Summit 2012. It was held from 13 to 22 June. 172 governments participated, with 116 sending their heads of state or government. Earth Summit’s Convention on Climate, his EPA Administrator William K. Twelve cities were also honoured by the Local Government Honours Award for innovative local environmental programs.

ECOSOC meetings, and every fourth year as part of the General Assembly meetings. EPA Alumni Association: EPA Administrator William K. Reilly discusses his efforts at the Rio conference, including successes and failures. Reflections on US Environmental Policy: An Interview with William K. United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. Agenda 21: Table of Contents. This page was last edited on 23 November 2017, at 14:48.

57 Heads of State and 31 Heads of Government, private sector companies, NGOs and other groups. 236 on 24 December 2009. It was intended to be a high-level conference, including heads of state and government or other representatives and resulting in a focused political document designed to shape global environmental policy. Rio Conference or Earth Summit, succeeded in raising public awareness of the need to integrate environment and development.

The conference drew 109 heads of state to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to address what were dubbed urgent problems of environmental protection and socio-economic development. 20 and set the global green agenda. Member States until the Earth Summit. 10 was held in Johannesburg, South Africa with the goal of again bringing together leaders from government, business and NGOs to agree on a range of measures toward similar goals. There, the need to enhance the integration of sustainable development in the activities of all relevant United Nations agencies, programs and funds was highlighted. The discussion also encompassed the role of institutions in stepping up efforts to bridge the gap between the international financial institutions and the multilateral development banks and the rest of the UN system.

Assessing the progress and implementation gaps in meeting previous commitments. Addressing new and emerging challenges. How to improve international coordination for sustainable development by building an institutional framework. In the months leading up to the beginning of the conference, negotiators held frequent informal consultations at UN headquarters in New York City, and in the two weeks before the conference was scheduled to begin, they managed to reach consensus on the sensitive language in the then proposed outcome document for the summit.

The conference centered around Agenda 21, the outcome document from Earth Summit 1992. That document was considered revolutionary in that it essentially created the term sustainable development and created the global environmental agenda for the next 20 years. The representatives of participating governments gathered in Rio to discuss what was then the draft text of the outcome document. 20 sought to secure affirmations for the political commitments made at past Earth Summits and set the global environmental agenda for the next 20 years by assessing progress towards the goals set forth in Agenda 21 and implementation gaps therein, and discussing new and emerging issues.