Safety harness inspection checklist pdf

9700505 Rev C 2014 DBI_SALA Catalog . Today’s Delta full body harness safety harness inspection checklist pdf the culmination of more than twenty years of design, research, manufacturing know-how and on-the-job performance. They feature coated, corrosion-resistant hardware, water-repellant and abrasion-resistant webbing and a build quality that is second to none.

Throw it in the tool-box or in the back of your truck, think you can tangle it? Just pick it up and it’s ready to put on, tangle-free. Patented spring-loaded design automatically stands up ensuring fast, easy and safe connections to your fall arrest system. Easy to use tongue and grommet style leg straps for fast adjustments. Simple and fast adjustment eliminates loose ends, locks into place preventing slippage and completes 5-point adjustment system. Rip-stitch indicators allow you to inspect the harness at a glance, for prior damaging impact loads.

Tool lanyard, coil tether, 5 lb. Tool lanyard, bungee tether, 15 lb. Small parts pouch, innovative self-closure system, canvas, black. Hard hat lanyard, coil tether, 2 lb. Utility pouch, worn off the belt. Dual tool belt holster with 2 retractors.