Salvation army valuation guide pdf

Associates, PC specializing in tax and accounting services to individuals, small businesses and non-profit organizations. Please note – current salvation army valuation guide pdf please e-mail us to request your own personalized paper organizer, please do not use this generic form! Use this spreadsheet to find,calculate, and document the value of clothing, household goods, furniture, applicances and other non-cash items donated to charitable organizations.

Donation values were obtained from websites of Salvation Army, Goodwill, and other various charities. A source reference is given for each item on the spreadsheet as to where the value was obtained from. The result is easily printable through your browser. The totals will automatically be recalculated when you do. You can print or save in different ways. The easiest way, that should work for everyone is to choose Print, then Print using browser. A print screen will appear, at that time you can print as you normally do on your browser.

Information was obtained from lists provided at websites of charitable organizations. The source column on the spreadsheet lists an abbreviation for each charitable organization for each item – for example Salvation Army is coded “SA”. Below is a list of the organizations we used for valuation amounts and a link to the source. How to Find Values for Items Donated to Charities. If you donated non-cash goods to a charitable organization, the IRS has established several ways for you to calculate the fair market value for those items. You want to choose a method that works best for the property that you are donating and offers you a supportable amount to deduct on your taxes. Consider the cost and selling price of the item.