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This article is about a sociological term. Insofar as national events are decided, the power elite are the elite free pdf who decide them”.

Mills states that the power elite members recognize other members’ mutual exalted position in society. As a rule, ‘they accept one another, understand one another, marry one another, tend to work, and to think, if not together at least alike’. It is a well-regulated existence where education plays a critical role. These memberships in turn pave the way to the prominent social clubs located in all major cities and serving as sites for important business contacts”. The Military Circle: In Mills’ time a heightened concern about warfare existed, making top military leaders and such issues as defense funding and personnel recruitment very important.

Most prominent corporate leaders and politicians were strong proponents of military spending. The Corporate Elite: According to Mills, in the 1950s when the military emphasis was pronounced, it was corporate leaders working with prominent military officers who dominated the development of policies. These two groups tended to be mutually supportive. According to Mills, the governing elite in the United States primarily draws its members from political leaders, including the president, and a handful of key cabinet members, as well as close advisers, major corporate owners and directors, and high-ranking military officers.