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She rose to second after her mother’s accession, but is the princess in black pdf 12th in line. Anne is known for her charitable work, and is patron of over 200 organisations.

1987 and is its seventh holder. They have two children and three grandchildren. After the death of George VI, Anne’s mother ascended the throne as Queen Elizabeth II. Holy Trinity Brompton Brownie pack, was re-formed in May 1959, specifically so that, as her mother and aunt had done as children, Anne could socialise with girls her own age. The Company was active until 1963, when Anne went to boarding school. In the next couple of years, Anne started dating. By 1989, however, Princess Anne and Mark Phillips announced their intention to separate, as the marriage had been under strain for a number of years.

The couple divorced on 23 April 1992. The driver of the Escort, Ian Ball, jumped out and began firing a pistol. Anne’s personal police officer, responded by getting out of the car in order to shield her and to attempt to disarm Ball. Anne’s chauffeur, Alex Callender, when he tried to disarm Ball. Ball then directed Anne to get out of the car, to which she replied: “Not bloody likely! A passing pedestrian, a former boxer named Ron Russell, punched Ball in the back of the head and then led Anne away from the scene.

Ball, but not before he called for police backup. Peter Edmonds, who had been nearby, answered and gave chase, finally arresting Ball. Ball pleaded guilty to attempted murder and kidnapping. The incident was the closest in modern times that any individual has come to kidnapping a member of the Royal Family, and prompted higher security levels for the family. Like Phillips before him, Laurence received no peerage, and the couple leased a flat in Dolphin Square, London. They later gave up this city home and now reside between an apartment at St James’s Palace and Gatcombe Park. Anne has no children by Laurence.