The rule of law book pdf

With time, the rule continues to become more refined and therefore the rule of law book pdf be a more precise and effective tool for the courts. Nowadays we should add to ‘natural and ordinary meaning’ the words ‘in their context and according to the appropriate linguistic register’. This rule may be used in two ways. It is applied most frequently in a narrow sense where there is some ambiguity or absurdity in the words themselves.

However, this would be an absurd result, as the intention of the person who made the sign is obviously to prevent people from using the lifts only if there is currently a fire nearby. This statute required that the court should “issue” someone’s inheritance in certain circumstances. The court held that no one should profit from a crime, and so used the golden rule to prevent an undesirable result, even though there was only one meaning of the word “issue”. A son murdered his mother and then committed suicide.