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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This word is Spanish for “the reindeer”. He named it in honor of tim marshall prisoners of geography pdf friend, Gen.

The grounds of the old fort became home to a research laboratory for the U. Department of Agriculture in 1948. The laboratory studies environmentally sustainable forage and livestock production, contributing to preservation of the great plains of North America. El Reno is located on the 98th Meridian, which allowed the eastern side to be opened to non-Indian settlement in the Land Run of 1889. The western side was opened in the 1892 opening of the Cheyenne and Arapaho lands. It was subsequently selected as the land district office for the 1901 land lottery drawings. El Reno, was the site of a prisoner of war camp, and today contains a P.

German and Italian prisoners who died there. Renamed the Federal Correctional Institution of El Reno in the mid-1970s, the population expanded to include men of all ages. It became the fifth largest prison in the U. It is still one of the largest employers in El Reno. It is the only city in Oklahoma to have a streetcar in operation in the downtown area. P went bankrupt in 1975.

The railroad yards have remained vacant property. The old depot and some other buildings were acquired by the Canadian County Historical Society for use as part of a museum complex. El Reno is a Main Street community. The Oklahoma Main Street Program is a downtown revitalization program and the El Reno Program won the Great American Main Street Award in 2006. The town is noted for its annual Fried Onion Burger Day Festival, which is always the 1st Saturday in May. The giant burger contains all the important parts of the famous El Reno fried onion burgers which includes meat, fried onions, sliced pickles, and mustard all between two giant buns.

Not only do festival goers get to watch the massive burger be built and cooked, but they are also allowed to help eat the monstrosity. Volunteers divide the giant burger into individual sized portions with burger-sized cookie cutters. Other volunteers shuttle back and forth from the burger to the crowd, delivering the free portions to anyone wanting a piece. The tornado set a record with a width of 2. Tim was still buckled in the passenger’s seat next to Young’s driving seat. Local amateur chaser, Richard Henderson lost his life in that same area. Before the tornado stuck him, Henderson snapped a picture of it from his cellular phone and sent that picture to a friend.