Traits of a good listener pdf

Please forward this error screen to 209. How to Be traits of a good listener pdf Good Social Worker. Social workers work in government agencies, hospitals, schools, and private practices to help people in need.

They provide a variety of services, from helping people deal with abuse or overcome substance abuse, to aiding them to obtain housing, medical care, or education, to providing counseling or psychotherapy. They can also work to improve overall social conditions in a community. It is not an easy job. Accordingly, the most important parts of being a good social worker are making sure you are well-suited to the rigors of the job and taking proper care of yourself.

Be sure you have the personality of a good social worker. Social work can be a very demanding job. You are constantly interacting with people in need, and often despite your best efforts, you are unable to help them due to social factors or your clients’ own resistance. You must be caring and understanding of those who come to you for help.

You must work through problems at your clients’ own speed. You must be there for your clients when they need you if you are going to earn their trust. Because you will often be dealing with a heavy case load, the ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects efficiently is key. You will be dealing with topics that are difficult to talk about like abuse. More than just being a good listener, you need to be able to read between the lines to get at what your clients’ want to tell you, but are often afraid to say. Becoming too emotionally involved can both drain you and make you less effective. Even while being empathetic, you must maintain the emotional distance necessary to be effective.

Continually overcoming setbacks is the nature of the job. Social work is not always a 9-5 job. The best case workers have the flexibility to help their clients when they need them most. You will see the worst in humanity and face heart-rending problems every day. You must be resilient in order to last in the job. This means knowing how to take care of yourself and recharge you batteries when not working.