What you see is what you get my autobiography pdf

Avoid writing or editing what you see is what you get my autobiography pdf article about yourself, other than to correct unambiguous errors of fact. Wikipedia has gone through many prolonged disputes about the significance, factual accuracy, and neutrality of such articles. If you have been published elsewhere on a topic, we welcome your expertise on the subject for Wikipedia articles.

However, every Wikipedia article must cover its subject in a neutral, fair, and comprehensive way to advance knowledge of the subject as a whole. Please forget your biases while enriching the Wikipedia readers’ knowledge. Articles that exist primarily to advance the interests of the contributor will likely be deleted. However, the only person by whom this is said is Beeblebrox himself, and there are several possible theories to explain this. People will write overly positive impressions of themselves, and often present opinions as facts. Wikipedia aims to avoid presenting opinions as facts.

One common area where this is the case is with hopes, dreams, thoughts, and aspirations. There is no way for readers to verify what you think. People often include in autobiographies information that has never been published before, or which is the result of firsthand knowledge. This type of information would require readers to perform primary research to verify it.

Just because you honestly believe you are being neutral doesn’t mean you are. Not only does this affect neutrality but it also affects the verifiability and unoriginal research of the autobiography. One may inadvertently slip things in that one may not think need to be attributable even though they do, due to those very same biases. The threshold between objectivity and autobiographical puffery is culturally constructed and the measure derives from what we are accustomed to consuming as disinterested journalism.

The more truly neutral the source, the more truly diverse the sources, the more truly relevant the information, the less risk of the material presenting a self-aggrandizing impression. The principle of neutrality can be understood from the idea that facts appear impressive only when presented matter-of-factly. Merely using neutral language does not guarantee that the language will sound neutral. Even if you believe you can synthesize an autobiography based only on verifiable material that is not original research you may still not be able to synthesize it in a completely neutral manner.